Black Lives Matter

To our Abri Radically Open DBT Community,

We at Abri have been strongly impacted by the protests that have rocked our city, country and the world this past month following the tragic killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and too many others due to state sanctioned violence. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all who fight racism, injustice and structural inequality.

In our treatment, Radically Open DBT, we actively ask clients (and ourselves) to turn into discomfort, ask the hard questions and shine light on blind spots to learn. For those of us who would be white allies, this is what is being asked of us now – “Can I truly be present and honest with myself, even if it hurts?” “Can I learn if my actions or inactions have caused harm or contribute to systems that cause harm, and do better?”

At Abri, we believe in the healing power of intimacy and relationship – real transformative relationships, that aren’t transactional. We all need to feel that there is at least one other person who truly gets us and has our back. It is protective. And opening our hearts and minds to people who are different from us – whether by race, income, sexual orientation, age, ability, size, gender identification or religion – can lead to that transformation. We are better together.

We also believe in value driven behavior with kindness first and foremost as our guiding value. We recognize that it is not enough to have kind intent but rather it is the impact of our actions that matter most.

Again, we are better together. As a practice, we commit to continually deepening our inner-work, and outwardly to keep pushing for real and lasting change.


The Abri Team

Kirsten, LiLin, Shadee, Amber, CéShaun and Lisa