CéShaun Hankins

LCSW, Abri Clinician


CéShaun Hankins (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years of experience and enjoyment working with teens and adults in both community-based and private practice settings. She also supports new/soon-to-be mothers and caregivers as they shift into parenthood and deal with postpartum concerns, creatives, entrepreneurs and wellness providers restoring from burnout and compassion fatigue. She has an additional interest in supporting people of color using a multicultural/social justice and feminist lens.

CeShaun believes the client is the ultimate expert in their treatment and that she is a guide to help them tap into their true self and to develop their coping resources. She integrates her approach drawing from mindfulness, dialectical-behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, existential, interpersonal, and solutions-oriented approaches. Her areas of specialization include mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, psychosis, and emotional dysregulation.

CéShaun is a Southern California native who has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California. She is having fun exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband, toddler, and pup. CéShaun is excited to enhance her training in RO DBT to support her clients and herself in living a life more aligned with openness and authenticity, as well as in more holistic and body-based approaches.

To contact CéShaun directly, call (503) 715-2504 or email [email protected].