Individual Therapy

Standard Radically Open DBT is a 30-week process, though some clients may choose to work with their therapist a little longer.  To begin, please fill out the assessment measures and forms under the Getting Started tab, and we will match you with an Abri therapist based on availability and insurance.  If you are assessed for an over-controlled temperament, and agree that this treatment will be helpful, you will have weekly 50-minute sessions with your therapist.



RO DBT Classes

RO DBT classes are different from other forms of group therapy.  The RO skills are taught in a class format that is dynamic and fun.  Abri currently offers adult classes and will soon be offering teen classes as well.  The full course is 30 weeks.  Classes are considered full at ten members, and people can start at any part in the cycle if there is room.  Classes cost $65 for a two-hour class, and there is a one-time binder fee of $25.  If you have to miss a class, there is a $25 fee to hold your place.  Starting June 1st, Abri will bill insurance plans we have clinic contracts with, and our billing team will, if you choose, send you monthly documentation to submit for out-of-network reimbursement.

Clients with outside therapists can elect to just do a class at Abri, continuing to work with their current therapist.  We still ask that you come in to be assessed for over-control and oriented to the class by an Abri therapist.  We will also ask that you sign a release so your class therapist can speak to your individual therapist, and we encourage you to bring your homework to your individual sessions.

Currently we have two adult classes running on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.