Individual Therapy

Standard Radically Open DBT is a 30-week process, though some clients may choose to work with their therapist a little longer.  To begin, please fill out the assessment measures and forms under the Getting Started tab, and we will match you with an Abri therapist based on availability and insurance.  If you are assessed for an over-controlled temperament and agree that this treatment will be helpful, you will have weekly 50-minute sessions with your therapist.



Other therapeutic approaches. All Abri therapists are intensively trained in Radically Open DBT and have extensive training and expertise in other therapeutic modalities such as ACT, EMDR, DBT and couple’s therapy (see bios). Our comprehensive assessment will ensure that the treatment plan we develop together, and the approach taken, best fit your needs.


Classes and Groups at Abri

Radically Open DBT Classes - Adults

RO DBT classes are different from other forms of group therapy. The RO skills are taught in a class format that is dynamic and fun. Abri currently offers three adult classes, for ages 18 and up. The full course is 30 weeks. Classes are limited to twelve members, and people can start at any part in the cycle if there is room.

Clients with outside therapists can elect to attend a class at Abri while continuing to work with their current therapist. Prior to beginning, there is an assessment and orientation session with an Abri therapist to make sure this is the right treatment for you. We ask that you sign a release so your class therapist can speak to your individual therapist, and we encourage you to bring your homework to your individual sessions.


Current classes:

Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm, co-led by CéShawn Hankins, LCSW, and Amber Liechty, LPC.

Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm, led by Shadee Hardy, LCSW.

Friday mornings from 10-12 pm, co-led by Shadee Hardy, LCSW and Lisa Klavans-Rekosh, LCSW

For more information, to join a class or be added to a waitlist, please click here.

Radically Open DBT Class – Adolescents

Abri’s adolescent class is open to adolescents from 13 to 17. The full course is 20 weeks, broken down into 2 10-week modules. Additionally, there is a parent class component every 5th week to help parents better understand their over-controlled kids. As with the adult class, teens with outside therapists are welcome to attend.

The classes are held every Thursday, from 4:30-5:50 pm and are taught by Lisa Klavans-Rekosh and Amber Liechty. Please contact either Lisa: [email protected]iradicallyopendbt.com or Amber: [email protected] for more information or to get started.

New: Self-Enquiry Class

Starting on March 11th, Abri Senior Clinicians, LiLin Hally, LCSW and Kirsten McAteer, LPC, will be offering a 1-hour self-enquiry class. Self-Enquiry is a key component of radical openness and RO DBT. It is the practice of turning into unwanted disconfirming feedback such as tension, resistance, numbness – or just something we are ruminating about or is “stuck in our craw” – to see if there is something to learn. It is a powerful practice that recognizes that we don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are. The practice of self-enquiry allows us to move past our regulatory biases so we can respond more flexibly to life’s challenges. This is a drop-in class that is available to current and prior Abri clients who wish to deepen their practice. The cost is either $50 per class, though it is covered by some plans. Please contact either Kirsten McAteer: [email protected] or LiLin Hally: [email protected] for more information.

Coming Soon: Couple’s Class

Starting April 16th, 2020, couples therapist Amber Liechty, LPC will be facilitating a Radically Open DBT couples class helping couples identify how their underlying bio-temperaments' impact their relationships. This is a 30-week course for couples 18 and up. 1-2 intake sessions are required prior to starting class to assess current relational challenges and bio-temperament. For further questions and to schedule an initial intake, please reach out to Amber Liechty: [email protected]