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Abri Portland Lilin Hally

LiLin Hally, LCSW
Co-Founder, Clinical Director


Li Lin Hally (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with adults, teens, groups, and families in the Portland Oregon area. Li Lin has been intensively trained in RO DBT and is a RO DBT Senior Clinician and approved trainer. She has been a counselor for the past 20 years, providing services in a variety of capacities including Asian refugee relocation, services to homeless leprosy patients in India, service learning in the Philippines and comprehensive relocation services in Spain. She is still on the board of a non-profit in the Philippines.

Since starting her private practice in Portland, she has especially enjoyed working with highly anxious teens. All of these experiences have contributed to Li Lin’s clinical expertise. She received her Masters of Science in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 1997. LiLin has lived and travelled in many different countries, and she and her husband have chosen to make Portland their home. She has twin daughters in college who are very proud of her and excited about Abri.  LiLin identifies as over-controlled (OC) and every day practices what she preaches in being more flexible, open and having fun.

To contact LiLin directly, call (503) 715-2060 or email [email protected].

Abri Portland Kirsten McAteer

Kirsten McAteer
LPC, Co-Founder, Executive Director

Kirsten (she/her) is a licensed therapist, who has been specializing in the treatment of eating disorders for over thirteen years.  She became interested in RO DBT when she came across the research pointing to its effectiveness in treating restrictive Anorexia Nervosa.  She was among the first American therapists to be intensively trained in the modality, and is now a RO DBT Senior Clinician and approved trainer, and has received a great deal supervision with the treatment developer, Dr. Thomas Lynch and Dr. Sophie Rushbrook.  She has been running RO DBT classes and has been part of an active consultation group since 2015.  

Kirsten holds degrees from New York University and Lewis and Clark College. For several years she was a therapist at the Portland DBT Institute, where she was on the Path to Mindful Eating Team and a DBT trainer.  After a stint managing the team, she left to be a Clinical Director of a partial hospitalization program before moving on to start her own private practice and focus on RO DBT. She is a past Chair of the Columbia River Eating Disorder Network, and was, up until 2016, Coordinator of Lewis & Clark College’s Eating Disorder Certificate Program, where she still teaches occasionally as an adjunct.   She also gives frequent trainings for professionals.  In addition to being trained in RO DBT and DBT, Kirsten has also received extensive training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma and EMDR.

Kirsten is a native of Portland where she lives with her husband, teenage son and large labradoodle. She identifies as OC, and has found the RO skills invaluable in her own life, in allowing her to get out of her own head, deeply connect and (while still being super busy) be more open, flexible, and have more fun.  She is thrilled to partner with LiLin in making this treatment available to more OC adults and teens in Portland.

To contact Kirsten directly, call (503) 715-2435 or email [email protected].


Shadee Hardy
LCSW, Abri Senior Clinician


Shadee Hardy (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been intensively trained in RO DBT and both provides individual therapy and facilitates RO DBT classes. Shadee identifies as someone who leans towards over control, and has found daily practice of radical openness to have a profound effect on her ability to connect, accept, and approach situations flexibly. Shadee hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota where she obtained her master’s degree in social work from the University of Saint Thomas and College of Saint Catherine. Shadee was drawn to Oregon as she had the opportunity to develop more expertise in evidence-based treatments, and for the past six years, she has been happy to call Portland home.

Shadee has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2004, seeing patients struggling with depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflicts, and borderline processes. In addition, she has a specialty providing treatment to those diagnosed with misophonia, a neurological condition not widely known nor fully understood by many in the larger community. Shadee has extensive training and experience in both Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. From this experience, she has adopted the philosophy that clients show up already possessing that which will ultimately help them heal. Therefore, instead of subscribing to a pathology-based approach, she sees her role as an ambassador and collaborator, helping clients to be self-discovers of both what constitutes their psychological well-being and what gets in the way of them moving towards it. She recognizes that it can take a tremendous amount of courage to acknowledge that which is not serving one well, to reach out for assistance, and to share deeply personal issues; as a result, she sees it as an honor to be a trusted witness and to support to those who cross her doorstep.

To contact Shadee directly, call (503) 928-7185 or email [email protected]


Valerie Edwards
Registered and Licensed Dietitian (OR)


Valerie Edwards (she/her) is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian (OR) who works with adults of all ages and genders, as well as teens (15+). She has a BS In Nutrition from Texas A&M University and a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Minnesota. She has specialized in the field of Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating for 20 years, and especially enjoys helping clients make choices that create richer, more full lives for themselves. She also works with people who have medical issues related to nutrition, such as pre-diabetes or high cholesterol. Valerie takes a non-diet, Health At Every Size approach, and does not focus on helping people lose weight. She works with clients to create a more balanced, positive relationship with food and body, paying more attention to hunger and satiety cues, overall energy level, and eating behaviors.

She also loves to work with individuals around physical activity and movement. Often this takes the form of looking at one’s current lifestyle rather than focusing on the past, and finding activities that are pleasurable and sustainable. For those with disordered eating, learning to fuel the body adequately to support exercise or activity is a vital part of recovery.

Valerie is a native Texan who fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, both for its nature and its people. She loves exploring the outdoors with her cattle dog mix, and is an intermittent gardener. She also loves good fiction and movies.

Her approach involves listening to clients' goals and struggles, encouraging change, and suggesting experiments to challenge fears. She always believes in the power of her clients to change and recover.  She is excited to be joining the clinicians at Abri and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge with Radically Open DBT.

To contact Valerie directly, call (503)505-6520 or email her at [email protected].


CéShaun Hankins
LCSW, Abri Clinician


CéShaun Hankins (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years of experience and enjoyment working with teens and adults in both community-based and private practice settings. She also supports new/soon-to-be mothers and caregivers as they shift into parenthood and deal with postpartum concerns, creatives, entrepreneurs and wellness providers restoring from burnout and compassion fatigue. She has an additional interest in supporting people of color using a multicultural/social justice and feminist lens.

CeShaun believes the client is the ultimate expert in their treatment and that she is a guide to help them tap into their true self and to develop their coping resources. She integrates her approach drawing from mindfulness, dialectical-behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, existential, interpersonal, and solutions-oriented approaches. Her areas of specialization include mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, psychosis, and emotional dysregulation.

CéShaun is a Southern California native who has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California. She is having fun exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband, toddler, and pup. CéShaun is excited to enhance her training in RO DBT to support her clients and herself in living a life more aligned with openness and authenticity, as well as in more holistic and body-based approaches.

To contact CéShaun directly, call (503) 715-2504 or email [email protected].


Amber Henin
LPC, Abri Clinician



Amber Henin (she/her) is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She holds degrees from University of Oregon and Lewis & Clark College. Amber enjoys working with couples, adults, and teens. While attachment, existentialism, and ACT are the core theories through which she treats all of her clients, she utilizes EFT and the lens of Esther Perel for couples therapy.

Amber has worked in both community and private practice settings. Most recently, she served the Seattle, WA community as a Clinical Specialist for Harborview Medical Center where she treated those struggling with addiction, mood, eating and body image disorders. She has facilitated body/sex-positive groups in California, Washington, Oregon and Japan.

Amber believes life is quite weird and certainly has its challenges. This messiness is what fuels her passion as a therapist. She encourages her clients to lean into the grayness of the human experience with scientific curiosity and laughter while supporting client’s healthy boundary-setting. A Southern California native, Amber has recently returned to Portland with her partner after living in Seattle. She enjoys food, romantic nihilism, dogs, trail runs and learning a thing or two. She is excited to be entering the world of Radically Open DBT with her fellow Abri clinicians.

To contact Amber directly, call (503) 616-4336 or email [email protected]


Lisa Klavans-Rekosh
LCSW, Abri Clinician

Lisa (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has 8 years of experience working in the field of community mental health and private practice.  Previous to working in the field of mental health, Lisa was a licensed special education teacher working with children in grades K-12. She received her Bachelors in Secondary Special Education from Boston University and Masters in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.  In addition, she has completed post- graduate certificate programs in Gender Violence Intervention and Trauma-Informed Care. During her tenure as the clinical director of a psychiatric crisis facility, Lisa developed a passion for supporting people in reclaiming their stories and learning tools for processing trauma. Lisa has completed EMDR (level 1-2),  Emotional Freedom Technique (“tapping) and 200 hour yoga teacher training.

In her therapy practice, Lisa considers all aspects of a client's life  – their family and relationships, their culture and ethnicity, their spirituality and health, their profession and activities. She believes in integrating many different philosophies into her practice to best suit the needs of the client.  She has traveled extensively and brings cultural humility to her practice, open to both Eastern and Western philosophies of treatment. She is excited to further her learning of RO DBT to support clients in connecting to their fullest most joyous lives..

Lisa is an East Coast native, who has developed a rich love for the Pacific Northwest.  When not working she is usually found with her dog Lolo in nature. Sometimes Lolo shows up in her Abri office as well. Lolo is a highly trained at taking naps and can often be found shaking hands for treats. Lisa considers her approach as collaborative and compassionate, respectful and honest, creative and hopeful.

To contact Lisa directly, call (503) 715-2895 or email [email protected].


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Carly (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has worked in academic medicine, community mental health, and university settings. She enjoys bringing her researcher side into her clinical work and looks for ways to get evidence-based medicine to those it has typically neglected, particularly sexual and gender minorities clients. In her previous work as a medical school professor, she taught courses on LGBTQ+ healthcare and trauma-informed care. Carly’s experiences up until this point studying and teaching about harm and healing in different types of institutions have led her to private practice where she can be a part of the healing more often.

In her therapy practice, Carly specializes in treating complex traumatic stress and dissociative disorders and in working with individuals who have experienced interpersonal or institutional betrayal. She is deeply trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD and generally has a (warm, creative, and irreverent) behaviorist approach to most things. As a queer woman, it is particularly meaningful work to Carly when she can help fellow sexual and gender minority folks heal from chronic invalidation and other traumas. In learning Radically Open DBT, Carly has found that long-lost piece of the Over-Controlled puzzle and (mostly) delights in connecting to her own OC experiences as a means to help others more genuinely.

Carly is a Chicagoland native but has lived and learned all over the United States (and ever-so-briefly, the south of France), earning degrees in various sorts of psychology at the University of Illinois, Wake Forest University, the University of Oregon, and Yale School of Medicine. Of all of those, she has only ever returned to one – Oregon. She is equally excited to introduce her "dogter" June to Portland and all of the nature as she is to join the Abri team.

To contact Carly directly, email [email protected].