Shadee Hardy

LCSW, Abri Senior Clinician


Shadee Hardy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been intensively trained in RO DBT and both provides individual therapy and facilitates RO DBT classes. Shadee identifies as someone who leans towards over control, and has found daily practice of radical openness to have a profound effect on her ability to connect, accept, and approach situations flexibly. Shadee hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota where she obtained her master’s degree in social work from the University of Saint Thomas and College of Saint Catherine. Shadee was drawn to Oregon as she had the opportunity to develop more expertise in evidence-based treatments, and for the past six years, she has been happy to call Portland home.

Shadee has been a practicing psychotherapist since 2004, seeing patients struggling with depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflicts, and borderline processes. In addition, she has a specialty providing treatment to those diagnosed with misophonia, a neurological condition not widely known nor fully understood by many in the larger community. Shadee has extensive training and experience in both Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. From this experience, she has adopted the philosophy that clients show up already possessing that which will ultimately help them heal. Therefore, instead of subscribing to a pathology-based approach, she sees her role as an ambassador and collaborator, helping clients to be self-discovers of both what constitutes their psychological well-being and what gets in the way of them moving towards it. She recognizes that it can take a tremendous amount of courage to acknowledge that which is not serving one well, to reach out for assistance, and to share deeply personal issues; as a result, she sees it as an honor to be a trusted witness and to support to those who cross her doorstep.

To contact Shadee directly, call (503) 928-7185 or email [email protected]