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A Center for Radically Open DBT

Abri, based in Portland, Oregon, is one of the first psychotherapy clinics worldwide to specialize solely in Radically Open DBT for disorders of over-control.  

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Founded by two friends and colleagues, LiLin Hally, LCSW and Kirsten McAteer, LPC, who bring to Abri over twenty-five plus years of combined clinical expertise in the treatment of adults and adolescents with eating disorders, treatment resistant anxiety and depression.  

Both LiLin and Kirsten are on the RO DBT Senior Clinician team and are approved RO DBT trainers.  They are enthusiastic practitioners of RO DBT, stay current with the research and have an active consultation team with other senior clinicians in the Northwest. Their mission is to provide excellent full-fidelity treatment in a lovely and inviting setting.

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Individual Therapy

Standard Radically Open DBT is a 30-week process, though some clients may choose to work with their therapist a little longer.

Individual Therapy

RO DBT Classes

RO DBT classes are different from other forms of group therapy.  The RO skills are taught in a class format that is dynamic and fun.

RO DBT Classes


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